When I was young I was, by all means, against Reagan.

I remember that the first article I ever wrote was against him.

Reagan was elected 40th President of the United States in 1981.

I was seventeen at the time. I was born just a few days before the assassination of President Kennedy.

I recalled it because at the time my parents had a house in a village near Barcelona.

And I remembered perfectly well having written that article on a piece of graph paper on the terrace.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep it after many moves throughout my life.

For years, it was on the table next to me, but I no longer have it.

But I also remember the headline. It went something like this: "My God, the devil Reagan has won".

In spite of everything, I thought Jimmy Carter was the good guy. Even after the Iran hostage crisis.

For me, Reagan was just a supporting actor. I couldn't even remember any of his films.

Besides, he was extreme right-wing.

In my mind, the Cold War was still active. Reagan's election as President could only make things worse.

I was wrong. In the end, Reagan was a great President.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, he won the Cold War without firing a shot.

Reagan was probably one of the Presidents who most connected with the American middle class.

As Peter Robinson, a former White House speechwriter, explains in his book ("How Reagan Changed My Life") Reagan's life was not an easy one.

The son of an Irish Catholic father and a Scottish Protestant mother, his great-grandfather was an alcoholic.

His divorce from Jane Wyman, his first wife, was a personal blow.

Moreover, when his career was in decline in Hollywood, his ex-wife's career was skyrocketing.

That is why I feel I am still indebted to Ronald Reagan.

That is why I strongly recommend the above-mentioned book.

Even after all these years, "How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life" is the perfect insight into the White House mixed with the author's personal experiences. / Written by Xavier Rius, Spanish journalist and editor of online newspaper e-notícies.


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#1 Joan Curbet, Barcelona, 19/01/2022 - 17:25

Gràcies, Xavier. Sisplau. quan tu puguis fes més comentaris de llibres polítics, que sempre són il.lustratius. També és interessant el fet que afegeixis la teva història personal, com avui.